Hello, dear and respected user of my site.

My name is Nikita Lutsuk. For friends, I'm just "Nick".

I was born on November 6, 1996 in the famous town of Chernihiv (Ukraine).

In 2004, I began studies at the general secondary school of physics and mathematics № 12 in the town of Chernihiv and in 2014 completed studies and received a full secondary education.

In the same year I entered the Chernihiv National Technological University at the faculty of electronics and information technology (FEIT), specializing in computer engineering, and I am currently studying at this university in my specialty.

A great role in the choice of the university and my specialty, which I really like, was played by my brother, Konstantin Lutsuk, for whom I express my great gratitude, and also for helping me to learn my specialty in the early stages!

On the development of this site, I'm studying for 3rd year (2nd semester) of CSTU.

During these 3 years of training at Chernihiv National Technological University, I raised my level in programming languages like C ++, C #, Java. Well, a bit of assembler, as well as such scripting languages as: PHP, JAVASCRIPT and perl.

At the moment I'm develop games on the engine "Unity3d" (C #). And I want to say that I like it very much, I also have an interest in web development.